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Have you ever come across children who feel shy and awkward in social situations? There’s always that one kid who sits in a corner at a party or occasion to avoid any communication whatsoever. It’s common to see kids lacking self-confidence when asked to speak in front of a group. Aren’t all these situations worrisome? Do you also want your child to be one of these? No, right? Then stay tuned to our blog!

Social skills play an imperative role in the overall development of a child. They strengthen the verbal and non-verbal types of communication amongst children. These include correct body language, appropriate facial expressions and gestures and confident speech. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their kid is imparted with these essential skills beginning from childhood as it is rightly said, “the sooner, the better.”
The best and most looked upon way to impart these skills is through fun games and activities your child can play in their social group. Here’s a list of a few best baby games that can strengthen social skills in your kid.

1. Staring Contest

As easy as it seems, making eye contact while having a conversation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Through the staring contest, children can focus on one person without blinking. At the same time, another person can ask simple questions which the kid can answer while maintaining eye contact. This is a fun game that the kids can play with their friends as well as their parents.

2. Dumb Charades

This game plays an immense role in developing non-verbal communication. One child enacts a movie using hand movement, gestures and expressions while the others try to guess it!

3. Reading Faces

Interpreting emotions is a skill that can develop through practice. This game can be played in pairs. One person can enact an emotion (example- happy face, sad face, excited, etc.) while the other person tries to guess the emotion being enacted. The roles can then be switched.

4. Simon Says

It is crucial for children to listen carefully and follow instructions. Children are given instructions with the prefix “Simon Says”. For example- Simon says, clap your hands, the children clap their hands; however, if the instruction only says “Clap your hands”, the children must not follow it because it is not an order of King Simon. This game strengthens three crucial aspects of personality- listening, processing information and then acting upon it.

5. Dress up and Role Play

Children need to dress up as someone else and enact using props, expressions and body movement. Let the child choose their character. This game will boost social interaction and confidence among children.

6. Balloon keep up

Each child is given a balloon and must ensure that the balloon doesn’t touch the ground without catching or holding it. The children must keep tapping the balloon upwards so that it always stays up in the air. The child who can hold up the balloon for the longest time is declared the winner. This game demands concentration and reflex action, thus focusing on physical and well as mental growth.

7. Play Restaurant

This game is based on role-playing and is the best way to impart manners to children. It can be played in pairs. Have your child be the waiter and you be the customer. Show your child how to order food by saying please, and saying excuse me if he burps at the table. (Make sure you switch roles)

8. Virtual Playdates

The essence of virtual games has been realized during the Coronavirus period. It might not always be possible for your child to engage in physical games, which is when online games come to the rescue. These games can be played alone or by forming teams online. It is highly suggested that children are motivated to play games in groups to learn how to follow directions and take turns. Video chats also help kids make eye contact by looking at their friends on the screen.

The above-mentioned baby games and activities don’t only strengthen the social skills of children but behavioural aspects as well. A child learns patience and also respect for other points of view.

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