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“Mommy’s got a little bun cooking in the oven”

Finding out you’re pregnant is such a special moment, yet announcing your pregnancy to loved ones becomes an even more magical moment that you’ll always look back on in years to come. You have kept your mouth sealed for long enough and now it’s time for the big surprise reveal. The little baby in your belly has been the biggest blessing. Have you decided how you’re going to spill the beans? Well, we got you covered. With love and grace, we bring to you our new surprise pregnancy announcement collection which comprises rompers / onesie / t-shirts. Surprise your husband and family members by gifting them these super cute pregnancy announcement onesies and make a memory for lifetime. Don’t forget to capture these adorable moments.

In addition, our range of designs and captions are unique and stylish. Moreover, collections consist of colours ranging from soft to vibrant. Each design is available in multiple colours and prints. The onesies/t-shirts/rompers are digitally printed with cute and catchy captions. We go over the top to make our customers feel special by ensuring that the quality of our merchandise is top-notch.  In other words, we aim to manufacture happiness and not a product. So, why wait to add a tinch of awesomeness and cuteness to your baby’s wardrobe? Certainly, come, shop at Knitroot- the ultimate fashion store for kids!

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