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Work from home has become the new normal and so has, fun from home. As a parent, you are expected to give your best shot at working as well as parenting. During the lockdown period, parents have often been seen juggling between working and keeping their kids entertained but what if boredom is still striking your children? What if the kids activities are not fun, entertaining and productive? If you want to know about how to keep kids entertained and productive while you work from home, then don’t miss a word of our blog!It is typical of children to feel unmotivated and bored at times. The reason for this could be the repetition of similar kids activities. As a parent, you must ensure that your kids participates in a variety of activities. This will not only keep your child high-spirited but would also help in learning multiple skills. Here are a few things you can indulge your child in while you are working from home:
1. Reading
Get your child interesting books to read. After they are done reading, have a discussion with them regarding the book. The child can act as a teacher whereas the parent can act as a student. This will make the activity fun and engaging while at the same time, develop the habit of reading in your child. The child can also role play their favourite character while you can encourage him.
2. Watching movies together
Movies and cartoons are a child’s best friend. But when they have a partner to watch it with, it becomes more interesting. Grab a popcorn and cold drink and watch your child’s favourite cartoon with him. Cartoons can be watched during lunch breaks whereas for movies, set a time post working hour. After all, your child needs YOU!
3. Connect with grandparents
Grandparents are a child’s best oldest friends. They don’t only pamper their grandchildren but would also fight the world for them. When you, as a parent, are busy working from home and cannot devote enough time to your child, drop your child at the grandparent’s house. Let them connect with each other and let your little one receive all the love and time he deserves.
4. Terrace/Garden Picnic
Stepping out of the house during work hours doesn’t seem suitable. But, why go outside when you can have fun inside! Plan a terrace/garden picnic during lunch hours and tea breaks. Sit with your child, talk to him/her, play board games and eat all you want!
5. Arts and Crafts
Hand those scissors, papers and crayons to your child and let all the creativity ooze out. Participate with them and enjoy together as family!
6. Cleaning and sorting things
Organization, as a habit, can be developed only when a child learns to clean and sort his/her personal things. Assign a portion of the almirah or study table to your child and ask him to clean and declutter the area. Give a box of coins and ask him set aside coins of similar denominations together.
7. Cooking without fire
Bring out the chef inside your child. Provide all the ingredients and ask your kid to prepare simple dishes like chana chat or biscuit pizza!
8. Play Restaurant
This game is based on role play and is a great way to impart manners in children. It can be played in pairs. Have your child be the waiter and you be the customer. Show your child how to order food by saying please, and saying excuse me if he burps at the table. (Ensure to switch roles). Make them serve the food prepared during cooking without fire. Make this simple kids activity fun for them as well as for yourself!
9. Virtual Playdates
The essence of virtual games has been realized during the Coronavirus period. It might not always be possible for your child to engage in physical games and that is when, online games come to the rescue. These games can be played alone or by forming teams online. It is highly suggested that children are motivated to play games in groups as they will learn how to follow directions and take turns. Video chats also help kids make eye contact by looking at their friend on the screen.It is rightly said “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. If you don’t want your Jack to become a dull boy, make sure to strike a balance in your child’s work and play schedule. Both are equally important and neither should be ignored.
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