Latest Baby Names

Best Modern Baby Girl and Baby Boy Names…

Latest baby names

Welcoming a baby is one of the happiest moments of life, but the first question that arises is, ‚ÄúOh my God! What do I name my baby?‚ÄĚ

If your baby is here and you can’t think of a unique name for your little one, stick to our blog! In a world where there are innumerable names, it’s a task to settle for one. But to make it easy for you and reduce this prolonged stress, let us give you a few suggestions on stylish and modern baby boy and baby girl names.


As for girls, the following are some latest baby names.


Name Meaning
Aadhya  The first power
Aarohi  A musical tune
Aashvi  Blessed and Victorious
Aasrita  Somebody who gives shelter
Advika  World
Alesha  Protected by God
Amaira  Forever beautiful and elegant
Amyra  Princess
Anaya  Without a superior
Anshika  Beautiful
Aurea  Golden
Ayra  The beginning
Daizy  Day’s eye
Devika  Little Goddess
Dhanvi  Wealthy
Dharika  Morning Sun
Dhriti  Patience
Divija  Divine, Born in Heaven
Ekanshi  A pretty rare name for a girl who is part of a whole
Elsa  Someone precious
Geetanshi  Goddess
Ira  A girl who has the watchful eye of the Goddess
Jessina  Victory
Kaira  Peaceful, Unique
Krisha Divine, Thin
Midhura  Sweet, Pleasant
Mishka  Niche for a light
Mishti Sweet Person
Naitri  Goddess Laxmi, Eyes
Naomi  Above all
Nayra  Guidance
Netra  A girl with eyes of a Goddess
Nitara  Deeply rooted
Ojal  A bright vision of tomorrow
Praanvi  Goddess Parvati
Prisha  Gift of God
Reeti  Method
Rinayra  Princess
Ruhani  Spiritual, Sacred, Divine
Ruhi  A music tune, soul
Saayra  Traveller, wandered
Seher  Dawn
Shanaya  First ray of the sun
Shanvi  Attractive, Lovable
Shreenika  Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu
Siya Goddess Sita, White Moonlight
Tiana  Fairy Queen
Trisham Noble
Zuhi  The harbinger of light in everyone’s life



Coming to boys, here are some fanciful names!


Name Meaning
Aabhash  Impression
Aadiv Delicate
Aakesh  Lord of Sky
Abeer  Fragrance
Arhat  Respectable
Arvik Independent
Avyaan  All protector
Avyan Eloquent
Avyukt  Crystal Clear
Darsh  Sight
Dheer Gentle
Dhruvit  Pole Star
Evak  Equal
Girik Lord Shiva
Havish  One who gives offerings to God
Inesh  Strong King
Ivaan  God’s gracious
Jeremy God will uplift
Jihan  The universe
Kiaan  Grace of God
Kiyansh  A person having all qualities
Lekh Document
Levi  Joined or attached
Maharth  Truthful
Nayan  Eye
Neer  Water
Nevaan  Holy
Nihal  Joyous
Nirvaan  Perfect Calm
Nishit Midnight
Nurav  Gift of God
Oviyan  Artist
Posha  Growth and Prosperity
Praneel  Lord Shiva, Life-giving
Pranjal  Honest
Rathik  Rider of the chariot or loved one- this name will steal all hearts
Reyansh  Ray of sunlight
Ridhav  Born Leader
Samar  Coming together
Samesh  Equality
Sarin  The helpful one
Tanay  Son
Tarosh Heaven
Tuhin  Snow
Vidharth Creator, Legend
Vihaan  Sunrise
Viyaan  Artist
Vyan  Breath of life or giving
Vyom Sky
Yuvaan  Youthful


One pro tip while deciding on your baby’s name is to choose that name that rightly reflects the character of your toddler, and then, you are good to go!


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